As a well-respected address with almost half a decade of experience regarding national and international auction business, we offer you the opportunity to sell high-quality unique specimen and collections to our worldwide customer base several times a year through our auctions. The same applies if you are striving for the completion of your collection. You are missing a coin? Emporium Hamburg will see to provide it for you. Furthermore, our numismatic experts are very much looking forward to support you with a free, individualized sales concept. It goes without saying that we estimate your values discretely and offer a customized consultancy with regard to a value improving collection building. Just do it right and consign your collection or high-quality unique specimen to Emporium Hamburg and benefit from our expertise. Our Spring-Auction takes place in April or May. The deadline for consignments regarding your coins and coin-collections for this auction is mid-January. On the other hand, our autumnal floor auction is executed every November. The corresponding deadline for consignments is around the end of July and the beginning auf August, respectively.

We estimate and evaluate your coin collection at any time. Please, call our experts today.

The list of results of our Auctions 81, 82, 83 is here available for download.


Our next floor auction 84 is scheduled for March 02, 2019 and takes place during the NUMISMATA in Munich.

Our Auctions 85 and 86 are scheduled for May 06 - 09, 2019.

You are interested in consigning your coin collection or outstanding single pieces to an auction? Get in touch with us today!

Here are our auction dates in 2019:

  • January 04 - 13: Alpha Auction 2
  • March 02 : Floor Auction 84
  • March 22 - 31: Alpha Auction 3
  • May 06 - 09: Floor Auctions 85 & 86 - Coin & Medals, Banknotes-Special
  • August 30 - September 15: Alpha Auction 4
  • November 12 - 14: Floor Auctions 87 & 88 - Coins & Medals, Banknotes Special
  • December 20 - January 05, 2020: Alpha Auction 5