Here you will find a wide range of gold and silver coins from the fields German States, Germany from 1800-1871 as well as precious coins from the German Empire (1871-1918).

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Product no.: 75795

House Habsburg, Francis II. (I.), 1792-1835, 1/2 Sovrano 1835 M

Obv.Laur. bust r.

Rev.Crowned double headed eagle


Product no.: 81809

Anhalt-Bernburg, Alexius Frederick Christian, 1796-1834, 24 Mariengroschen 1796

Obv.Striding bear l. on wall with gate



Product no.: 397610

Bavaria, Charles Albert, 1777-1799, Carolin 1731

Obv.Bust r., below star

Rev.Seated Mother of God with child, in front coat of arms

Product no.: 400319

Palatinate, Electoral Line Neuburg, Charles Philipp, 1716-1742, 1/2 Karolin 1733

Obv. Bust r.

Rev. Four crowned monograms cruciform

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Product no.: 292028

Saxony, John George II, 1656-1680, Thaler 1657

Obv.Elector on horseback r., below coat of arms

Rev.12 lines of text


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421 - 425 of 425 results

German States until 1871

Coins from the German States until 1871 including several coins from the Holy Roman Empire as well as from the states after the dissolution of the Empire

Germany since 1871

Germany since 1871

Deutsches Reich was the official name for the German nation state from 1871 to 1943 in the German language.