Roman Empire, Maximianus, AE Follis

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Roman Empire, Maximianus, Serdica, 286 - 310, AE Follis 

Obv.: bust n.r. with laurel wreath.

Rev.: GENIO POPVLI ROMANI; Genius n.l. offering, holding cornucopia

Mint: Serdica SM/SD/ A



Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus was emperor of the Roman Empire 286 - 305, along with Diocletian.

Maximianus came Sirmium (today Serbia) from the Roman province of Pannonia (today parts of Hungary / Austria / Serbia / Croatia and Slovenia) and came like Diocletian from very simple background. Probably he enjoyed little education, but made an excellent career in the military. In 286 Maximian was finally elevated to Augustus (co-emperor) by Diocletian. In 293, when Diocletian introduced the tetrarchy, Maximian's son-in-law Constantius Chlorus, the husband of his stepdaughter Flavia Maximiana Theodora, became his Caesar.

At the Carnuntum Emperor's Conference in 308, however, Maximian was forced to abdicate by Diocletian after numerous conflicts and disputes. In 310 he declared himself emperor again, but was no longer able to defend himself against the new emperor Constantine the Great (Roman emperor from 306 -337). He was handed over by his soldiers to Constantine, who forced him to commit suicide.


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Origin Roman Empire
Mint Serdica
Grading EF
Material Bronze
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Roman Empire, Constantius II, AE Follis Roman Empire, Constantius II, AE Follis
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