Roman Empire, Salonina, AR Antoninianus

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Roman Empire, Salonina, +268, AR Antoninianus


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On the designation Antoninian

The Antoninian was an ancient Roman silver coin introduced as official currency under Emperor Caracalla (211-217) around 214 AD.

The ancient name of the coin has not been handed down. The name Antoninian is derived from Caracalla's actual name, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, and was introduced in the Middle Ages. According to recent research, the ancient name of the Antoninian is thought to have been Bicharactus.



Iulia Cornelia Salonina Chrysogone († 268 near Milan)
She was the wife of the Roman Emperor Gallienus and the mother of Valerianus Caesar, Saloninus and Marinianus.

Salonina's origin is unknown. Because of her surname Chrysogone, which is attested on coins, it is assumed that she was a Greek from Bithynia, but her origin from the city of Salona in the province of Dalmatia (today Solin in Croatia) is also possible.

Possibly as early as the elevation of Gallienus to co-regent with his father Valerian and the conferring of the title Augustus on him in the autumn of 253, Salonina received the title Augusta, which she used at the latest in 254.

It can be assumed that she had already been married to Gallienus for several years at that time and that her two eldest sons were already alive in 253; her first coin portraits show a woman who was no longer young.

Her eldest son, Valerianus, died in 258, the second, Saloninus, was killed by the usurper Postumus in 260. The third son, Marinianus, was probably not born until 265/266.


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