Roman Empire, Constantius II, AE Follis

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Roman Empire, Constantius II, 337-361, AE Follis

Obv.: Cuir. bust with pearl diadem r.

Rev.: Standing Roman soldiers with spear and shield, between them standards


Own a coin of the son of Constantine the Great!

Constantine II was the son of Constantine the Great and after his death 337 AD emperor in the east of the Roman Empire. At first he shared power with his two brothers, but from 353 he ruled alone after their death and the elimination of the usurper Augustus. During his reign Constantine II had to struggle with various attacks on the borders, also there were several civil wars.

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Additional product information

Origin Roman Empire
Grading VF+
Additional specifications Archive image; condition similiar.
Material Bronze
Full weight


Literature Kampm. 145.36

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