Roman Empire, Volusianus, AE Sestertius

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Roman Empire, Volusian, 251-253, AE Sestertius

Laureated bust.
Rv. Pax with branch and baton.



Gaius Vibius Afinius Gallus Veldumnianus Volusianus († 253 at Interamna) was proclaimed emperor and co-regent by his father Trebonianus Gallus after the death of Hostilian in 251. 

Volusianus, however, remained Roman Emperor for only a short time. The empire had to struggle with strong internal and external conflicts that were almost insurmountable.  In addition, there was the plague. It ravaged the entire Roman Empire for a decade and a half and weakened the population and the military to the utmost. The Persians and numerous plunderers invaded the Roman provinces and advanced as far as Asia Minor. 

When the Libyan Aemilianus finally rose as a counter-emperor in 253 and led his force to 30 km from Rome, Trebonianus Gallus and his son Volusianus were murdered by their own troops.



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Origin Roman Empire
Mint Rome
Grading EF
Material Bronze
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14.40 g

Literature Sear 2840; RIC 256a


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