Celts, Vindelici, AV Stater

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Celts, Vindelici, southern Germania, AV Stater (2nd -1st century B.C.)

So-called rainbow bowl

Vs. Bird's head in a wreath two spheres
Rs. 5 balls between toques



The Vindelicians (also Vindelizier; Vindelici, also Vindolici and Vindalici; the settlement area was called Vindelicia) were a Celtic tribal group settling in the Alpine foothills between Lake Constance and the Inn.

They first came into the light of history on the occasion of their subjugation by the Romans in 15 BC.

In colloquial language, a special type of Celtic gold and silver coin is called a rainbow bowl. These coins were widespread in an area that stretched from what is now Hungary through Austria to southern Germany.

They were probably produced by the Celtic tribes of the Boians and Vindelicians and the Rhine Germanic tribes in the period from about 300 BC to the turn of the century. Another name is "shell statere".

The name rainbow bowl originated from the characteristic shape of the bowl and a superstition that the gold pieces dripped down from a rainbow and remained on the earth at the foot of the rainbow.



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Literature Sear 193; Castelin 1068


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