Saxony, John Frederick, Medal 1538, RARE

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Saxony, John Frederick I the Magnanimous, 1532-1547, Cast-Medal 1538

Von H. Reinhardt the Elder

Obv.Moses and the burning bush

Rev.Adoration of the Magi



John Frederick I (1503-1554) was the eldest son of the Elector of Saxony John the Constant and his wife Duchess Sophie of Mecklenburg. In 1527 he married Sibylle of Cleves. The celebrations were magnificent and went down in history as the Tournament of Torgau. According to original documents, almost 32,000 people have been supplied with food and drinks over the course of nine days.

In 1532 John Frederick took over the electorate. Stubborn and irascible, obese and inclined to drink, he vehemently promoted the Reformation in his own countries. He was named "The Magnanimous" because of these efforts. And for that reason, despite his inadequacies as a statesman
, he became leader of the Schmalkaldic League, a protective alliance of Protestant princes.

This brought him in conflict with the catholic Emperor Charles V. In 1546 he declared the Imperial ban over John Frederick and the Schmalkaldic War (1546-47) erupted. The war ended with a crushing defeat of the Protestants and the capture of the Elector. He remained in captivity for five years, lost his electorate and a large part of his lands. In 1554 the present Duke of Saxony died and was buried next to his wife in the
church of St. Peter und Paul in Weimar.


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Origin Roman German Empire
Grading EF
Additional specifications rare, contemporary tooling of the fields and the rim in highest quality Diameter: 68mm
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature Habich 1972

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