Archbishopric Salzburg, Ducat 1801 M

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Archbishopric Salzburg, Hieronymus Count Colloredo, 1772-1803, Ducat 1801 M


Hieronymus Count Colloredo, was a very famous sovereign and Archbishop of Salzburg in the years 1772-1803/1812.

Colloredo was born in Vienna in May 1732 and died there in 1812.

Hieronymus Count Colloredo received the dignity and income of a canon in Passau and Olmütz as a young man, and finally also in Salzburg in 1747. After studying theology in Rome, he was appointed to the papal court Rota Romana in the Holy City in 1759. In 1761 he was appointed Bishop of Gurk and in a short time was able to significantly improve the economic situation of the Carinthian diocese.

Elected Archbishop of Salzburg in 1772, he carried out ecclesiastical reforms and tax increases that met with little understanding among the population. In particular, the abolition of religious folk customs aroused opposition. His progressive mindset, shaped by the Enlightenment, attracted leading scientists, mathematicians, physicians, painters and musicians (such as Michael Haydn and Mozart) as well as literary figures from all over the German-speaking world to Salzburg. Colloredo was particularly close to the so-called Jansenism (Augustine's doctrine of grace), and also represented the well-known Illuminati Order as a member. He acted and acted in particular as a representative of the Catholic Enlightenment and fought vehemently against the many abuses in the Catholic Church.

At the end of 1800, Archbishop Colloredo fled to Vienna to escape the approaching French troops and appointed Sigmund Christoph Count von Zeil-Trauchburg, Bishop of Chiemsee, as governor in Salzburg.

At the beginning of 1803 it was clear that the German kings and princes would decide on the planned abolition of the ecclesiastical principalities at the Imperial Diet in Regensburg. On 11 February 1803, Hieronymus Count Colloredo, the last reigning prince archbishop of Salzburg, renounced his secular rights of rule over Salzburg in exchange for an annual pension of 60,000 gulden.

Colloredo was able to skilfully prevent the planned abolition of the Archbishopric of Salzburg. In accordance with his last will, he was buried in 1812 in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. In 2003, however, he was transferred to the crypt of Salzburg Cathedral.


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Literature Frbg.776; Pr.2414; KM 463

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