Roman Empire, Crispina, AR Denarius

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Roman Empire, Crispina, +183, AR Denarius (180)

Wife of Commodus

Obv.Drap. bust

Rev.Hilaritas standing l., holding long palm and cornucopiae



Bruttia Crispina (* 164; † between 183 and 193 on Capri)
She was the daughter of the Roman consul Gaius Bruttius Praesens and wife of the emperor Commodus.

Little is known about her life.
Her wedding took place around June/July 178. With the marriage Crispina received the title of Augusta.

Crispina is said to have led a dissolute lifestyle. In addition, she had a rather bad relationship with Lucilla, the sister of her husband, which is said to have led to tensions at the Roman imperial court. Commodus finally accused her of adultery and banished her to the island of Capri between 183 and 193. Presumably she was the victim of a conspiracy. The emperor finally had her executed on Capri.


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Origin Roman Empire
Mint Rome
Grading VF+
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature RIC 282

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