Hamburg, 32 Shilling 1809 CAIG

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Hamburg, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, 32 Shilling 1809 CAIG



Hamburg 32 Schilling 1809 ("French double mark")

The historical silver coin Hamburg 32 Schilling 1809 is one of the best known circulation coins from Hamburg. These silver coins were minted by the Hamburg Bank from the confiscated silver of the French. The name "Franzosen Doppelmark" (French double mark) originated from the minting period during the French occupation. However, the 32 shillings were not minted in 1809 but in 1813, so all the coins were backdated. The fineness of this silver coin is approx. .968/1000. 

Napoleon I had the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg occupied during the Fourth Coalition War on 19 November 1806 to enforce the Continental Blockade (economic blockade of England and its colonies). The French banned trade with Britain and confiscated all English goods in the city. As England was Hamburg's second most important economic partner at the time, the blockade meant bankruptcy for many Hamburg trading companies. Unemployment and poverty increased sharply. Many residents fled from the French and the threat of hardship into the surrounding countryside, nearer or farther away. Those who stayed behind suffered from special taxes and forced quartering to supply the occupying soldiers. Smuggling with the Danish hinterland, on the other hand, flourished.



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Origin Germany
Grading a EF
Additional specifications slightly adjusted
Material Silver
Fine weight

14.19 g

Literature AKS 14; J.39b

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