Asia Minor, Ionia, City of Miletus, AR Diobol

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Asia Minor, Ionia, city of Miletus, AR Diobol, 478-390 BC. 

Vs. Lion protome r. turning around  
Rs. Star-shaped quadratum incusum



Diobol (actually diobolon): ancient Greek double piece = 1/3 drachma


A diobolon was often given to the deceased as a ferry payment for Charon (in Greek mythology the ferryman who was the first to be killed).

In Greek mythology, Charon was the ferryman who carried the dead across the Styx to the entrance of the Hardes.

A diobolon because in ancient Greece the price for a crossing was generally a diobolon.


Additional product information

Origin Ancient Greece
Mint Ionia
Grading VF
Material AG
Material Silver
Full weight

1,13 g

Literature Sear 3532; BMC 14.185.14


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