Macedonia, Alexander III, AR Drachma

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Macedonia, Alexander III the Great, 336-323 BC, AR Drachma

Obv. Head of Heracles with lion-skin r.

Rev. Zeus on throne with eagle and sceptre, in the field mint mark, under throne monogram



Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) became King of Macedonia in 336 BC and was one of the most important generals in history. In only eleven years he created a powerful world empire by conquering Asia Minor, Egypt, Persia and other countries. He advanced as far as India, but had to turn back there because the army was discouraged by the immense hardships.

With the fusion of Greek and Oriental cultural heritage, ALEXANDER ushered in the so-called "Hellenistic epoch", which shaped the ancient world for the following 300 years. He died in Babylon at the age of 33.




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Origin Ancient Greece
Grading VF
Additional specifications Box and certficate
Material Silver
Full weight

ca. 4,5 g

Literature Sear 6730ff.; SNG Cop.664ff.

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