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Prestige-Set "Golden History - The Solidi of Byzantium"

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This Prestige-Set "Golden History - The Solidi of Byzantium" comprises mainly extremely fine coins way above average, featuring the prominent Emperors of the Byzantine Empire:


Anastasius I., 491-518, AV Solidus

Justin I., 518-527, AV Solidus

Justinian I., 527-565, AV Solidus

Justin II., 565-578, AV Solidus

Mauricius Tiberius, 582-602, AV Solidus

Phocas, 602-610, AV Solidus

Heraclius, 610-641, AV Solidus

Constans II., 641-668, AV Solidus



The gold and purple, the power and splendour of Byzantium fascinated all the people of the Middle Ages, both in the West and in the East.

As an important site of Christianity and the last refuge of ancient culture, Byzantium was able to unite the philosophy of Plato with the faith of the Church Fathers. The Byzantine Empire is thus a unique link in European civilisation and the transmitter of the Greek-Latin heritage.

Testimony to his time is offered by John Skylitzes, a high Byzantine official and historian in the 11th century. He describes the history of the Eastern Roman Empire from 811 to 1057 in a special way. His famous chronicle was lavishly illustrated in the 13th century.

The solidi - gold coins
The gold coin (singular solidus) is not only a means of payment, but also bears witness to the sovereignty of the rulers depicted. The reigning emperors are depicted on the reverse. The obverse usually shows the cross, an angel, the Virgin Mary or Christ. 

Please note: You order the respective coin types in comparable condition, not the depicted coin(s).

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Additional product information

Origin Byzantine Empire
Mint Constantinople
Grading EF
Additional specifications Box & Certificate
Material Gold
Full weight

each ~4.40g

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