Kingdom Saxony

Kingdom Saxony

The predecessor state of the kingdom was the Electorate of Saxony. When Emperor Fracis II laid down the Roman-German imperial crown in 1806 due to an ultimatum of Napoleon and the Holy Roman Empire ceased to exist, Saxony threatened to sink into political insignificance. Elector Frederick Augustus III therefore considered an approach to Prussia and dispatched troops to assist its northern neighbor against Napoleonic France.

However, the Prussian-Saxon army was defeated and devastated by French troops. On December 20th 1806, the Kingdom of Saxony was proclaimed and the former Elector received as Frederick August the Just his crown from the hands of Napoleon. On November 13th 1918 king Frederick Augustus III and the kingdom was dissolved.

The mint built by Elector August in Dresden in 1556 was also a bustling workshop in the Kingdom of Saxony. Until its closure in 1887, here mainly thaler and gulden were coined. In the early period until 1838, it struck mainly in the convention monetary standard of 1763 and from 1839 also in the 14-thaler standard and 30-thaler standard.

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Saxony, Frederick Augustus I., 1806-1827, Conventionsthaler 1808

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Saxony, Friedrich August I., Convention Thaler 1816.


Product no.: 00303191837 40

Saxony, Friedrich August II., Convention Thaler 1837.


Product no.: 00303321854 60

Saxony, Johann, Thaler 1854.


Product no.: 00303421859 60

Saxony, Johann, Thaler 1859.


Product no.: 00303471861 40

Saxony, Johann, (Vereins-) Double Thaler 1861.


Product no.: 00302921808 20

Saxony, Friedrich August I., Convention Thaler 1808.


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Saxony-Coburg-Gotha, Ernst II., Thaler 1848.


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Saxony, Anton, 1827-1836, Ducat 1828 S

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Rev.Coat of arms beneath crown on two crossed twigs of wall-rue

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Saxony, Friedrich August I., Convention Thaler 1827 S


Product no.: 00303091831 40

Saxony, Anton, Convention Thaler 1831.


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Saxony, Friedrich August II., Mining Thaler 1847.


Product no.: 00303271852 60

Saxony, Friedrich August II., Thaler 1852.


Product no.: 00303381858 20

Saxony, Johann, Double Thaler 1858.


Product no.: 00303481870 20

Saxony, Johann, Vereinsthaler 1870.


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Saxony, Johann, (Yield-) Vereinsthaler 1868.


Product no.: 00303541841 60

Saxony-Altenburg, Joseph, Thaler 1841.


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