The Viking Age (800-1050) makes the inhabitants of Sweden known throughout Europe and beyond: the people known as Varangians carry out raids and trade expeditions far into today's Russia and still characterize the image of the people of this time. From the 11th century Sweden became increasingly Christian and in 1164 gets for the first time its own archbishop. In addition, the rulers of the 12th and 13th centuries extend the empire with the territory of present-day Finland.

The Danish queen Margaret I founded - after skilful political maneuvering and with the help of her family ties - in 1397 the so-called Kalmar Union. This alliance brought together all three Scandinavian empires (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) under the same ruler. The union remained until 1523 and was ended by an uprising under the leadership of the future king Gustav Vasa (1521-1560).

During the 16th and 17th century Sweden, with its provinces in the Baltic States and northern Germany, is becoming the leading power in northern Europe. However, as early as the 18th century, after defeats against Russia, Denmark and Poland, the empire was reduced to what is now Sweden and Finland, and during the Napoleonic wars of the 19th century it lost its last territories beyond the Baltic Sea. However, in 1814, the later king Charles XIV. John (1818-1844) acquired Norway. This connection remained, though not without friction, until 1905, when it was dissolved peacefully.

The beginning of the independent Swedish coinage lies in the early years of the reign of King Gustav Vasa. Since then, the thaler (daler) was the national currency. In 1604 he was renamed Reichsthaler (riksdaler). In 1873, Denmark and Sweden merged to form the Scandinavian Monetary Union (Norway joined in 1877); the crown became the common currency. This also introduced the gold standard. To date, Sweden's monetary system is based on this monetary union.

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