Post Auction Report

Post Auction Report

Auction 93 — Coins & Medals
 Auction 94 — Banknotes & Emergency money


The participation in the Auctions 93 & 94 from May 4 until 7, 2021, held over a period of four days at Emporium Hamburg, was overwhelming despite the absence of the floor bidders due to the pandemic. Over 12,600 bids from more than 1,550 bidders caused the hammer prices of more than 3,500 fairly valued coins, medals and banknotes on offer to rise to sometimes unimagined heights.  Next to the active participation it was remarkable that all collection areas benefit from this demand. Thus, during the auction, both, bidders and auctioneers shared the excitement until late in the evening.

Remarkable results can already be seen at the beginning of the auction at the area of ancient coins. So Lot 25 (Syracuse, AV Decadrachm, estimated 2,000 EUR) was knocked down at 3,100 EUR, lot 33 (Macedonia, Alexander III. the Great, AV Stater, estimate 2,250 EUR) at 5,200 EUR. Our title, lot 118, a splendid freshly minted Tetradrachm of Antiochos XI. Philadelphos from the Seleucid Empire, conservatively estimated at 8,500 EUR, was given to the lucky bidder only after a spirited bidding.

The Roman coins are in no way inferior to this. Lot 203, a freshly minted Denar of Augustus, brought a hammer price of 5,600 Euro (estimate 4,250 EUR), the rare and beautiful bronze coin of Macrinus with the temple building above a spring (lot 397, estimate 1,000 EUR) was knocked down for 1,500 EUR. Among late Roman-Byzantine coins, the rare Follis of Justinianus I. from Ravenna, minted in the year 560/1 (lot 543), found a winning bidder at 1,400 EUR (estimate 1,250 EUR). Last but not least, the overwhelming participation in our auction reflects the high quality of the lots up for auction.

The World Coins section was a highlight due to the worldwide interest. Examples are the almost completely sold collection of Bolivian and Peruvian silver coins from the 16th to the 20th century – only single pieces remained for the post auction sale — (Please note: The second part of this collection with further more than 100 lots will be auctioned in our November Auction 2021). The Chinese Dollar "Hunan Province" on the Constitution (lot 685) was conservatively estimated at 5,000 EUR and knocked down at 17,500 EUR.

Large, heavy gold coins from Habsburg attracted a heated bidding and high hammer prices. One of the most beautiful coin motifs of the 20th century, 100 Crowns Venus in the Clouds of Franz Joseph I., minted in 1908 (lot 1798, estimate 6,500 EUR) is a good example. This special work of art was sold at 7,800 EUR. The ½ Privatportugalöser at 5 Ducats from Hamburg (lot 2024, estimate 4,500 EUR) yielded 5,400 EUR, the rare Palatine Rheingolddukat from Mannheim (lot 2128, estimate 8,500 EUR) found a new owner for 9,400 EUR.

Looking back at the range of silver and gold coins from the German Empire and the Weimar Republic, we can see that these collecting areas have also become much more attractive in recent years. In our Auction 93, almost all lots were sold for considerably more than their estimated price, e.g. Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 2 Mark 1905 in proof (lot 2559, estimated price 900 EUR) for 1,250 EUR, or lot 2587, Prussia, 5 Mark 1888 (estimated price 1,150 EUR; PCGS PR64) for 1,450 EUR. One of the rare gold coins from the German Empire, Bavaria, 20 Mark 1914 D (lot 2743, estimate 4,850 EUR) found a new enthusiast at 5,200 EUR. Originally, it was intended to mint 500,000 pieces of these coins, but the majority was never issued.

As usual, Auction 94 on Friday was reserved for paper money and here also a very lively participation of enthusiastic bidders can be noted.

With the exception of a few lots, the entire offering was sold. Apart from the individual notes, e.g. lot 4047 (Ceylon, 5 Rupees 1927, estimate 750 EUR) was sold for 920 EUR, or lot 4093 (50 Billionen Mark 1924, estimate 900 EUR) from the German area sold for 2,300 EUR. The numerous lots and collections with several hundred or thousand notes were of conspicuously great interest: The hammer prices multiplied the estimated prices several times. Items of this kind are clearly worthwhile for the bidders as well as for the consignors!

We, the team of the numismatic department of Emporium Hamburg, are very pleased about the overwhelming participation in our Auctions 93 & 94 and would like to express our special thanks to all participants. We are pleased to be at your disposal for detailed information regarding consignment possibilities for the next auctions, catalogue ordering, telephone bidding, online live bidding etc. — at any time!


Your Numismatic-Team



Lot 25

Sicily, City of Syracuse, AV Decadrachm (Agathokles, 317-289 B.C.)

starting price: 2,000 EUR

hammer price: 3,100 EUR

Los 33

Lot 33

Macedonia, Alexander III. the Great (under Seleukos, 312-281 B.C.), AV Stater

starting price: 2,550 EUR

hammer price: 5,200 EUR

Los 118

Lot 118

Seleucid Empire, Antiochos XI. Philadelphos (94-93 B.C.), AR Tetradrachm

starting price: 8,500 EUR

hammer price: 14,000 EUR

Los 203

Lot 203

Römisches Reich, Augustus, AR Denar (19 B.C.)

starting price: 4,250 EUR

hammer price: 5,600 EUR

Los 397

Lot 397

Roman Empire, Macrinus, Coele Syria, AE 21

starting price: 1,000 EUR

hammer price: 1,500 EUR

Los 543

Lot 543

Byzance, Justinianus I., Follis (Ravenna, 560/1 AD)

starting price: 1,250 EUR

hammer price: 1,400 EUR

Los 685

Lot 685

People's Republic of China, Dollar n.J. (1921), Hunan Province

starting price: 5,000 EUR

hammer price: 17,500 EUR

Los 1798

Lot 1798

Habsburg, Franz Joseph I., 100 Crowns 1908, Venus in the Clouds

starting price: 6,500 EUR

hammer price: 7,800 EUR

Los 2024

Lot 2024

Hamburg, ½ Gold-Privatportugalöser at 5 Ducats 1736

starting price: 4,500 EUR

hammer price: 5,400 EUR

Los 2128

Lot. 2128

Palatinate, Neuburg, Karl Philipp, Rheingolddukat n.d. (1740/42), Mannheim

starting price: 8,500 EUR

hammer price: 9,400 EUR

Los 2559

Lot 2559

Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 2 Mark 1905 A, J.91

starting price: 900 EUR

hammer price: 1,250 EUR

Los 2587

Lot 2587

Prussia, Wilhelm I., 5 Mark 1888, J.101 (PCGS PR64)

starting price: 1,150 EUR

hammer price: 1,450 EUR

Los 2743

Lot 2743

Bavaria, Ludwig III., 20 Mark 1914 D, J.202

starting price: 4,850 EUR

hammer price: 5,200 EUR


Lot 4047

Sri Lanka/Ceylon, 5 Rupees 1927, Pick 22

starting price: 750 EUR

hammer price: 920 EUR

Los 4093

Lot 4093

German Empire, 50 Billionen Mark 1924, Ser.A, Ros.136

starting price: 900 EUR

hammer price: 2,300 EUR