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On March 28, 2024, Emporium Hamburg invites you to the Auction 105 "Banknotes & Emergency Money." The auction was originally scheduled for the fall but due to the extensive Coin and Medal Auction 104 has been postponed until now. Nontheless, it showcases the full diversity of the world of paper money in 536 lots. We would like to thank all consignors for their patience and trust!

The first half of the current catalog presents a wide range from abroad: From A like Afghanistan (100 Rupien 1939, Lot 4000) to Y like Yemen (collection lot, Lot 4202). Particularly noteworthy in this category are France, India, Russia, Czechoslovakia, and especially China.


Los_4027      Los_4030

Lot 4027. China. Chinese-Soviet Republic under Mao Tse Tung, 1931-1934. 2 Yuan. Kiangsi, City of Ji’an. 2 Chiao 1930. Condition: I. Estimated price: €320.00


Lot 4030. China. Imperial Chinese Railways. 1 Dollar Peiyang Branch. 1 Dollar 22.4.1895 / handwritten 18.10.1896. Condition: Graffiti, III. Estimated price: €540.00


In the focus on France, you will find inflationary issuances of paper money from the French Revolution. In order to consolidate the state budget, the National Assembly introduced Assignats in 1789, which were replaced seven years later by Territorial Mandates (Lot 4048 and Lot 4049). Also from this period, we have the 1000 Francs of the Rescriptions de L'Emprunt Force, of which only 17,500 copies were printed (Lot 4051).

Lot 4051. France. Rescriptions de L’Emprunt Force. 1000 Francs 21 Nivose An IV (11.1.1796). Condition: III. Estimated price: €1650.00

The second half of the auction is dedicated to Germany from 1871 onwards: Reichsbanknotes, Reich Treasury Notes, as well as banknotes from the inflation period. Furthermore, the auction includes issues from the German Rentenbank and the Allied Occupation.

Los_4211     Los_4223

Lot 4211. German Empire until 1945. Reichsbanknotes and Reich Treasury Notes 1874-1914. 5 Mark 11.07.1874, KN 7-digit black, Series XII. Condition II-. Estimated price: €1000.00


Lot 4223. German Empire until 1945. Issues of the German Rentenbank, 1923-1937. 100 Rentenmark 1.11.1923, Series A, specimen. Condition: I-. Estimated price: €1000.00


Los_4251    Los_4281

Lot 4251. Federal Republic of Germany from 1948 onwards. 20 Deutsche Mark undated (1948), Liberty, with B stamp. The letter "B" was stamped or perforated on banknotes intended for West Berlin until December 1953 as an identifier. Condition: II. Estimated price: €1500.00


Lot 4281. Federal Republic of Germany from 1948 onwards. Notes of the Deutsche Bundesbank 1960-1999. 1000 DM 01.08.1991, Series AD/Z. Condition: II+. Estimated price: €700.00




Lot 4328. Military currency and occupation expenses of World War II. Soviet Occupation Expenses 1941/1942. Central Banknotes Ukraine.
2 Karbovanets 10.03.1942, KN 7-digit.
The banknotes were not in circulation.
Condition: I-. Estimated price: €2500.00

     Lot 4340. Auxiliary territories, Danzig 1914-1938.
20 Gulden 01.11.1937, Series K. Condition: I.
Estimated price: €500.00


From the Saarland, a total of four Saarmark notes are available in different denominations and conditions. The Saarmark notes were issued only for a short period in 1947 when the Saar territory was placed under the French customs and currency area.

The highlight piece (Lot 4351), a specimen from the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, attracted much attention last autumn at the MIF in Maastricht: The 10 Tael from 01.03.1907 were cut and expertly restored by attaching Japanese paper strips to the back for stabilization.


Los_4345    Los_4351

Lot 4345. Auxiliary territories, Saarland 1920-1948. Saarmark notes. 50 Marks 1947. Condition: II. Estimated price: €1500.00

       Lot 4351. German Foreign Banks 1907-1918. Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Peking, 10 Tael 01.03.1907. Perforated "DRUCKRPROBE" (proof). Very rare, restored. Estimated price: €2500.00



Los_4397          Los_4451          Los_4460

Lot 4397. Emergency money of a special kind. Bielefeld. Stadtsparkasse. 50 Marks 02.04.1922. Printing on both sides black instead of violet. Possibly a proof print. Condition: I. Estimated price: €650.00

     Lot 4451. Palatinate, Speyer. Autonomous Palatinate. 1 Billion Marks 11.11.1923. Condition: I. Estimated price: €680.00     

Lot 4460. Rhine Province. Coblenz. Men's Choral Society "Liedertafel". 1 Mark undated (01.04.1924). Without watermark. Condition: I. Estimated price: €210.00



The conclusion of the auction features historical securities and varia, such as Thuringian shares valued at 1000 Marks from July 5, 1901 (Lot 4529) or Germersheim supplementary tax certificates from the 19th century (Lot 4533).

Numerous collections and lots, especially in the field of foreign currency and emergency money, invite you to a preview at the Störtebeker-Haus. Previews can be arranged by appointment starting immediately. We kindly ask for written pre-bids by mail, email, and fax, as well as telephone bids to be submitted no later than March 26, 2024, to ensure correct processing.

Auction 105 will take place online on the usual platforms starting at 09:30 AM on March 28. If you have any questions regarding previews, catalog orders, and pre-bids, we are happy to assist you. Contact us via email at or by phone at 040/257 99-137.


PS: At the beginning of March, the catalogs will be sent to our customers. If you are not yet a customer and would like to receive a catalog, please request your copy by email or by phone:

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