Roman Empire, Leo I, AV Solidus

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Roman Empire, Leo I, 457-474 , AV Solidus

Constantinople, NGC MS Strike: 5/5 Surface: 4/5

Obv.: DN LEO PE-RPET AVC, pearl diadem, Leo I three-quarter bust, helmeted and cuirassed, holding spear over shoulder and shield with equestrian design

Rev.: VICTORI-A AVCCC, Victoria standing left, wearing long jeweled cross; star in right field.

Leo I. full name Flavius Valerius Leo; *401; † 1474 in Constantinople.
Roman emperor of the late ancient Eastern Roman Empire from 7 February 457 until his death in 474.

Flavius Valerius Leo apparently came from quite humble beginnings and was from the diocese of Dacia.
He spoke Latin and Greek and rose to the rank of commander of troops; in 457, as comes et tribunus, he appears to have been commander of one of the six legions stationed as an elite mobile force near Constantinople. He was elevated to emperor (Augustus) after the death of Emperor Markian at the instigation of the powerful magister militum (army commander) Aspar.

Leo, unlike his predecessors since 364, did not belong to the so-called Theodosian-Valentinian dynasty. He was an energetic ruler who did not lose sight of the tottering west of the Imperium Romanum.



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Origin Roman Empire
Material Gold
Full weight


Literature RIC X 605


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