Ancient Near Eastern Coins

Ancient Near Eastern Coins

The ancient Near East was the home of early civilizations within a region roughly corresponding to the modern Middle East. The ancient Near East is considered the cradle of civilization. It was the first to practice intensive year-round agriculture, it gave the rest of the world the first writing system, invented the potter's wheel and then the vehicular- and mill wheel, created the first centralized governments, law codes and empires, as well as introducing social stratification, slavery and organized warfare, and it laid the foundation for the fields of astronomy and mathematics.

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Product no.: 457698

Mamekukken, 1 Dinar
Al Ashraf Sayf al Qaitbay 1468-1496

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Product no.: 237591

Persia, Time of Xerxes I. and Artaxerxes I., AV daric (stater) (486-450 B.C.)

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Product no.: 432814

Sassanids, Sapur I, 240 – 272, AV Dinar o.J.

Obv.: Dinar, Ctesiphon., Cr. Bust with corymbos r.
Rev.: fire altar between guards



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Product no.: 332208

Persia, early style, 546-450 BC, AR Siglos


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